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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies, largely shaping the visibility of websites on search engines like Google. WordPress, one of the world’s leading website platforms, boasts an array of SEO plugins designed to enhance a site’s performance and rankings. Among these, one has rapidly gained popularity for its robust, user-friendly features – the RankMath SEO Pro Plugin. In this blog post, we will conduct a deep dive into the exceptional features of this plugin, providing insights on why it is fast becoming a favorite for many users.

Unraveling the RankMath SEO Pro Plugin

Launched by MyThemeShop, RankMath is a versatile SEO plugin that has been developed with a holistic approach. The RankMath SEO Pro version is a premium tool that goes a step further, offering advanced SEO features. Aimed at both novices and seasoned SEO professionals, this powerful tool is equipped with intelligent features, enhancing website optimization to increase its chances of achieving higher search engine rankings.

Interface & User Experience

RankMath SEO Pro Plugin maintains a clear, intuitive interface that guides users through the SEO process. The user-friendly dashboard offers an easy-to-navigate setup wizard, which guides users through the essential steps of setting up the plugin. It integrates smoothly with WordPress, enabling a seamless transition for users who may be switching from another SEO plugin.

Keyword Ranking & Analysis

One of the core features of RankMath is its Keyword Ranking Tracking tool. This feature lets you track your site’s rankings for specific keywords. Users can add multiple keywords to their posts and track their position changes over time, offering insights on how the SEO strategy is performing. This, in turn, provides valuable data to refine your content and SEO strategies.

Moreover, the Pro version offers an advanced SEO analysis tool. It gives a detailed analysis of your website’s on-page SEO, usability, performance, and social SEO, which are essential factors for achieving top search engine rankings.

Schema Markup

RankMath SEO Pro Plugin’s Schema Markup feature is a true standout. It provides a range of schemas (Rich Snippets), including Article, Product, Recipe, Event, Video, and more. This simplifies the process of adding structured data to your website, which helps search engines understand your content better and can significantly improve your visibility in SERPs.

Local SEO & WooCommerce SEO

The Pro version of RankMath extends beyond regular SEO and offers features for local businesses and e-commerce sites using WooCommerce. With its Local SEO feature, you can add your business information, which can help improve your local search rankings. The WooCommerce SEO feature, on the other hand, offers advanced capabilities to optimize your product descriptions, titles, and meta tags, making your e-commerce site more SEO-friendly.

404 Monitor & Redirections

404 errors can significantly impact user experience and can harm your SEO performance. RankMath’s integrated 404 Monitor alerts you to any 404 errors on your site, and the Redirections feature allows you to easily set up redirects from these pages. This helps you maintain your site’s user experience and ensures that you don’t lose any potential traffic.

Advanced SEO Features

RankMath SEO Pro Plugin comes with advanced SEO features that can take your SEO strategy to the next level. This includes features like Google Trends Integration, Advanced Google Analytics Integration, and Keyword Rank Tracking. With Google Trends, you can see which keywords are trending, and Advanced Google Analytics gives you deep insights into your website’s traffic.

Customer Support & Documentation

Even the best tools can be challenging to navigate at first. That’s where RankMath’s excellent customer support comes into play. The Pro version offers priority support to its users, ensuring prompt solutions to any issues that may arise. Furthermore, RankMath provides comprehensive documentation filled with tutorials and guides to help you understand and use the plugin more effectively.


Given the immense functionality offered by RankMath SEO Pro Plugin, one might expect the pricing to be steep. However, RankMath offers a premium version that is affordable, making it accessible to both small businesses and larger enterprises.


RankMath SEO Pro Plugin, in essence, is a powerful, user-friendly SEO plugin that offers advanced features to boost your website’s search engine rankings. Its easy-to-use interface, detailed SEO analysis tools, Schema Markup feature, and specialized Local and WooCommerce SEO support are just a few reasons why it’s fast becoming a favorite among WordPress users.

The plugin’s advanced SEO features, coupled with its exceptional customer support, make RankMath a complete SEO solution for your website. Whether you’re new to SEO or a seasoned professional, RankMath SEO Pro Plugin can help you drive your website’s visibility and achieve higher search engine rankings.

[Disclaimer: While we aim to uphold the spirit of GPL and open-source software, this post does not endorse or encourage piracy or illegal activity. We highly recommend purchasing the plugin from the official website to support the developers and to avail of the official support and regular updates.]

Change Log

v3.0.37 May 31, 2023

v3.0.36 May 18, 2023

v3.0.35 May 3, 2023

v3.0.34 April 19, 2023

v3.0.33 April 5, 2023

  • Improved: Line Graph in SEO Performance will now display the date range for better clarity
  • Improved: Positioning of the Posts table when a keyword is expanded on the Rank Tracker
  • Fixed: Missing script dependencies error when Content AI was disabled on a Post type

v3.0.32.1 March 18, 2023

  • Improved: Updated the notification text which appears if the old version of Rank Math Free is installed on the site
  • Fixed: Typo in the Index Status tab
  • Fixed: Trends Graph on the Post Analytics was showing Invalid Date on some setups

v3.0.32 March 8, 2023

  • Improved: Noindex Hidden products feature can now set a Taxonomy page to noindex, if all its products are hidden
  • Fixed: Incorrect date format used in the Post Analytics Badge
  • Removed: Deprecated Attorney Schema type from the Business Type settings. Existing sites using this Business type will now be switched to LegalService as their LocalBusiness Schema type

v3.0.31 February 22, 2023

v3.0.30 February 9, 2023

  • Improved: autoload data for SEO Analysis & Database Tools have now been set to false
  • Fixed: Width & Height attributes missing in the Podcast Image displayed on the frontend
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with the ACF’s Link type field, where the title added from the Link modal was not saved
  • Fixed: Issue with the filter to change the Focus keyword limit
  • Fixed: Redirection Destination URL wasn’t updating when the data was imported from a CSV file
  • Fixed: Category slug was stored in the database instead of ID when data was imported using a CSV file
  • Fixed: Sorting option wasn’t working in the Keywords Table
  • Fixed: PHP warning related to Image SEO

v3.0.29 January 25, 2023

v3.0.28 January 11, 2023

  • Added: Custom Schema Template’s Display conditions now include an option to insert a property to any existing Schema
  • Added: Social Media Settings now include an option for Additional Profile URLs that will be added to the sameAs property of the Organization Schema
  • Added: The User Profile now includes an option for Additional Profile URLs that will be added to the sameAs property of the Author Schema Entities
  • Improved: German translations
  • Fixed: Unicode characters in new keywords added to the Rank Tracker are now correctly handled and no longer converted to HTML entities
  • Fixed: Refresh button in the PageSpeed Insights score in Post Analytics was not working properly
  • Fixed: Resolved a PHP error that occurred during Bulk Editing on some setups
  • Fixed: All deprecated warnings related to PHP 8 have been resolved

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